Fine Line Media is an outdoor and action sports focused film company. Our aim is to create compelling content that has people on the edge of their seats. We want to inspire, entertain and motivate. To touch hearts. Put massive smiles on faces. And drop jaws in awe.
Simply put: we create stories that people remember.

Our services

Fine Line Media provides video, photography and copy writing services. From feature length films to Instagram reels and articles, we can make it look great and grab the attention.

You can hire us for specific services or entire campaigns. We love turning initial ideas into polished products.

As outdoor aficionados, we know the excitement of planning the next adventure and we carry that same enthusiasm into our work. If we need a massive ladder or cable cam to get the perfect shot, we’ll happily carry it up the hill.


Every now and then, which is a lot more frequent than you might think, we like to create our own adventures. From attempting ridiculously wild or difficult shots to going on full scale ski, hike or bike expeditions, you can find it all on the Fine Line Media Youtube channel. While you’re over there, consider subscribing. A simple click of a mouse goes a long way.

Some Our Favourite Frames

What can we do for you?

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